June Luu

So who am I? I am a reader, Booktuber and a Blogger.
I have been blogging since 2013, but stopped for a little while to
move onto Booktube (a book community
set on Youtube). I am now both a (lazy) Booktuber and a Blogger.
I live in London, UK, so my timing is probably different than yours :)
As you can already guess, my blogging is mainly about books. I love reading, and I have to say that reading will be one of my favourite hobbies until I'm-what-90 something? 
My favourite genre changes often, so it started with being just romance (YA or NA), and then transformed to other genres because many blogger/booktuber friends recommend them to me (Thank you!!).
I am an aspiring writer, and I try to write as much as possible working around my school schedule and other socialising times. I have written many uncompleted pieces, and although I give up on ideas, I never really stop writing :)
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog and reading my reviews!
If you'd like to check out my booktube channel, the link is down below :P
I'll see you around!


Email: DTL0201@gmail.com


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